Kinalisoft s.r.o.

Computers see more than eyes…

Computers see more than eyes…


  • image analysis
  • computer/machine vision
  • checking, automation and recognition
  • cost reduction

Goodwill, experience, helpfulness


  • software development
  • software solution analysis and design
  • modern user software
  • development directed by the SCRUM agile software methodology
Latest News

10 years anniversary!


Today ourcompany celebrates 10 years of our existence! We are proud on what we haveachieved and very appreciate customers that believed in us in very...


High tech company


Kinalisoft has become major supplier of software and computer vision technology integrator for MYCRONIC, which is market leader in SMT and PG business. What this abbreviations means can be reveled in this new and very smooth...


New premises


Fewdays ago Kinalisoft moved to new premises. In last years we have grown rapidlyso it is not surprise that we reached the point when we needed new premises. Westay in same building, bud newly we occupy whole third floor....


Media & Awards

10.6. / Award

Our product MYCenter was placed on the 1st place at the international fair in Shanghai in the competition category "Software-Production Management". 1st place at the international fair is a great appreciation of our work!

10.9.2012 / WSA Mobile content national nominee

Our product HomeBrain was nominated for global New Media award!

20.11.2015 / 1st place at Productronica (Munich) 2015

MYCenter 3.2 was awarded 1st place at Productronica 2015 in Munich. Software was awarded in competition Global Technology Award 2015 as tool fully following approaches of Industry 4.0 initiative.